FMCG Product Line

Dhanalakshmi Chemical Industries limited is also the producer of FMCG products under the brand name of “The Unifresh”. At UniFresh, we produce a wide range of products from hand sanitizers, disinfectants, hand soaps, antiseptic liquids, personal hygiene liquids, tinctures, and various other healthy sanitary and medical products. We ensure that we use premium, high-grade ingredients to produce our products.

Vision of “The Unifresh” is to have a healthy, hygienic and happy global environment for the present and future generations. We strive to help and improve the quality of lives and achieve a goal of having a better global well being.

API Product Line

APIs are commonly referred to as ‘bulk pharmaceuticals’ and are in fact usually made in places at quite a distance from where tablets, suspensions and liquids are manufactured. Today, the greatest concentrations of API manufacturers are located around Asia, specifically in India and China. DCIL is coming up with one of the largest API unit infrastructure in the state of tamil nadu.